My name is Geo and I love to tinker with making things, from CAD design to final assembly. While most of my professional experience is in designing and laying out shop drawings for metal fabrication and machining, I like to explore other manufacturing methods and technology to see if I can figure out how to utilize them for my own personal projects. I have a garage full of “toys” that let me dabble and explore my more creative ambitions, while leveraging the technical tricks I use on a daily basis at work.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep me busy, I also have a young family that keeps me on my toes…and sometimes away from the garage. As the kids have grown enough to be a little more independent, I am finding myself back in the garage designing or making things for the kids to learn and experience the limitless possibilities of being able to make ideas take physical form.

I hope you enjoy the content as I share the knowledge I have acquired over the years and the projects I take on in the name of science…and mostly for the fun.